Intelligent door energy management with the BOTEVO ENERGY TOOL

Save energy costs & CO₂ with intelligent door energy management from BOTEVO.

Insight into consumption data, such as cooling and heating loss, is essential for the efficient operation of properties and industrial door systems.

The challenge of energy loss

BOTEVO offers you real-time transparency about the energy consumption of your door systems through openness.

Obtain precise individual measurements of your industrial doors.
Industrial doors today

Unnecessary openness:
High temperature change
Higher energy loss
Higher cooling costs
Higher energy costs
Higher CO2 emissions
Industrial doors with BOTEVO

Early closing:
Lower thermal energy loss
Reducing energy loss
Reducing cooling loss
Reduce energy costs
Reducing CO2 emissions

Save energy costs with

The renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics IBP has scientifically supported the product development of BOTEVO and the ENERGY TOOL. Fraunhofer Institute has confirmed that the measurements between the BOTEVO ENERGY TOOL and the calibrated reference sensors on the testing ground are corresponding.

In the course of the study, it was also determined how much energy is required to compensate for the heat loss by the opening of industrial doors. For a single 4x4 meter sectional door, this adds up to 5 kilowatt hours, hence equivalent to approx. 0.2 Therms(US). The scientific study also revealed that the energy loss is significantly higher if two or several industrial doors are opened on different axes of a building. The longer the industrial door opening times and the more frequently the doors are opened, the higher the heating (or cooling) energy loss.

Thermal insulation specifications from building planners are usually aiming at static U-values targeting closed industrial doors in the building envelope. High follow-up costs due to unnecessary door openings are often ignored. BOTEVO has the right solution for this dilemma.

Would you like to know how much energy you can save on your industrial doors with BOTEVO? We will show you!

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What are your benefits?

Reduce costs

The automatic recording of system data enables more efficient settings to reduce energy consumption and thus reduces costs and CO2 emissions.

Manage more efficiently

Detailed consumption data enable more targeted investment decisions, particularly when it comes to modernization.

Optimized services

The current insight into individual consumption data opens up new opportunities for your company.

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